New Zealand Trout & Salmon Fishing Testimonials

“If I’m going to travel to the other side of the world to fish time is precious, so I only fish with the best. Neville is an excellent guide and a fine gentlemen and friend.”
– Buck Brannaman

“My name is Ric Georgeson until recently I owned and operated river tours Ltd but have recently sold to Terrace Downs. I met Neville Switalla in 1992 after placing an advertisement in the Press for a fishing guide, Nev proved an important ally and a very successful fishing guide. He has performed dozens of fly fishing safaris for River Tours giving many clients rewarding and memorable fishing experiences in the high country of the New Zealand’s south island. Over the years Nev and I have become good friends, Nev is honest, trustworthy, hard working,easy going and has a great sense of humour. Nev is well liked by his peers and colleagues alike.
– Ric Georgeson, Christchurch, New Zealand

“As a first-timer to New Zealand the long anticipated adventure began with two days fishing with Neville. A consummate guide, Neville passed along his priceless knowledge of fishing NZ style with patience, clarity and fun. Even with rivers not at their best, Neville went above and beyond to make certain we got into fish and enjoyed our days with him.”
– Peg Miskin, N. California, USA

“Fishing with Neville is an unforgettable adventure including four wheeling on back country stations, river crossings, and all terrain rambling. He goes the extra mile to make your fishing day successful. Your lunch on the river bank will be a tasty delight filled with fresh fruit, cheeses, and a variety of meats. Neville Switalla knows how to make a good day of fishing into a great day.”
– Sally I. Stoner, California, USA

“Li hooked up her first Rainbow trout…and already, with that one fish, that made her morning! She grinned from cheek to cheek. He then took Yu and I, turn after turn. Nev took care of everything and gave us a scrumptious lunch, with freshly made coffee even! The photos show how happy a day we had. And how gracious a guide, a host, Nev was. I was overjoyed and still recall every single moment of that trip.”
– Yu & Li

New Zealand Trout & Salmon Fishing